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Week of November 12, 2023

November 17, 2023

Synyster328: Comment on rulebooks being polarizing, shared a Reddit link. mawburn: Shared a link from The Verge about OpenAI CEO Sam Altman.

November 16, 2023

  • Synyster328: Commented on the brutality of something and mentioned a guy with a popular digital Root rulebook who has cool projects, sharing a link to his portfolio.
  • corporat: Mentioned the board game arena discord.
  • Synyster328: Discussed the possibility of adding a digital clone of a game to board game arena and expressed surprise at how many big-name mobile app board games are made by obscure studios. Noted Stonemaier switched developers between two games on Steam.
  • mawburn: Commented that it's all PHP stuff and probably not strong.

November 15, 2023

Synyster328: Compliments the event, asks about time spent. mawburn: Lists hours spent each day at the event, mentions feeling exhausted and possibly having COVID.

November 14, 2023

  • mawburn: Shared images from MythicCon, mentioned it's unique for its crafting focus, and highlighted Karl Keesler's winning diorama.
  • mawburn: Expressed regret that a friend missed the con, praised Karl as a GM, and discussed stealing his character sheet idea.
  • mawburn: Clarified that a large diorama was by Wyloch and mentioned Dan running "Trailer Park Shark Attack" in Lego.
  • mawburn: Wished they took more pictures; sent one to print at Office Depot.
  • kristianserrano: Posted a gif seemingly expressing disappointment or teasing.
  • mawburn: Responded saying the person will be there next year to judge the competition.
  • kristianserrano: Expressed upset about missing the con due to sickness in their family.
  • mawburn: Mentioned getting sick after attending the con themselves.

November 12, 2023

Synyster328: Curious about the balance in asymmetrical games; mentions Root and Scythe. mawburn: Discusses the potential early loss in Root, contrasts with Scythe's endgame strategy importance, and enjoys the dieselpunk history of Scythe. Also mentions playing The Quiet Year influenced by Scythe but prefers The Ground Itself. Talks about world building games as a unique genre.

Week of November 5, 2023

November 11, 2023

Synyster328: Enjoyed first public gaming session, played Scythe instead of expected Bloodborne, found it easy to learn.

mawburn: Prefers TTRPGs after trying to teach Scythe; plays on Tabletop Simulator but hasn't used physical copy.

Synyster328: Liked the game's balance between uniform rules and individual variation allowing for strategic planning.

mawburn: Agrees but notes that Scythe is still asymmetrical, though not as much as Root.

November 9, 2023

mawburn: The OpenAI API now has a 128k token limit. ChatGPT estimated an average novel at 50,000 to 60,000 tokens, which is less than expected and puts the new token limit into perspective.

November 8, 2023

  • corporat shares a Dicebreaker article about AI and board game rules, expressing dissatisfaction with the site's editorial direction and concerns about potentially misleading content.
  • mawburn expresses a general liking for Dicebreaker.
  • Synyster328 agrees that the article title is exaggerated but shows excitement for an interactive bot that could teach games. They share an example of using Gpt-4 to generate a quick start guide for Arkham Horror.
  • The conversation evolves into discussing the challenges of incorporating symbols in rulebooks into such guides, with mawburn suggesting adding instructions to handle this manually might be beneficial.
  • They also discuss the potential SEO benefits of these guides and other GPT summaries.
  • Finally, they jokingly criticize each other's Github stars game.

November 7, 2023

  • corporat shared a link about Magic the Gathering and Minecraft.
  • mawburn commented on the unusual crossovers in Magic the Gathering, then shared a link about OpenAI's impact on startups.
  • They discussed how OpenAI's development and release strategy has made it difficult for other companies to compete.
  • corporat suggested that there is still room for competition, especially for companies willing to pre-train models themselves.
  • mawburn revealed his company has been working with AI models, featuring in many presentations related to the topic.
  • corporat opined that while smaller AI models are desirable, they don't fit with OpenAI's internet-dependent infrastructure approach.

November 6, 2023

  • mawburn: Criticized an unnamed product, explaining it's made for the miniature crowd due to a loophole in IP law.
  • mawburn: Shared a link to an Open AI Dev talk on YouTube.
  • mawburn: Exclaimed about GPT4 TURBO.

November 5, 2023

  • mawburn discussed a game they played, CBR+PNK, and described it as a lighter version of FitD that's ideal for 1-2 shots. They noted the difficulty in reading its PDF due to its brochure style.
  • Synyster328 mentioned their attempt to play Arkham Horror solo, their plan to try again soon, and an opportunity to play Bloodborne at a local game store.
  • mawburn warned about certain video games-based board games companies exploiting IP law just to sell minis. Specifically pointed out steamforged.com as one to avoid.
  • Synyster328 acknowledged the information and mentioned having heard of Resident Evil from the list on steamforged.com.
Week of October 29, 2023

November 4, 2023

  • mawburn is excited for the upcoming convention, where he will be running and playing various games including CBR+PNK, Savage Worlds - Big Apple Sewer Samurai, Gaslands, FFG Star Wars game and Savage Worlds - Cocaine Shark. He's also participating in a private game with Runehammer and DM Scotty.
  • mawburn has played games run by DM Scotty before but hasn't had an opportunity to play with Runehammer.
  • He mentions that there are many conventions at this time of year and he needs to learn how to run CBR+PNK.
  • mawburn would prefer to run only 1 or 2 games but the event requires him to run 3 for early sign-up access.
  • kristianserrano confirms his attendance along with his family. He didn't get a chance to sign up for many activities due to being busy but plans on submitting a Savage Eberron game for Saturday night.
  • mawburn offers kristianserrano a slot in his BASS game if he can't get a Savage Eberron game in.
  • Both users discuss their anticipation for Karl's Cocaine Shark games.

November 3, 2023

  • mawburn reported that Github was down and joked about the early start to the weekend.
  • Synyster328 asked for clarification and acknowledged the issue.
  • mawburn confirmed Github was back up, mentioned their work was affected, and commented on companies' dependency on others.

November 1, 2023

  • mawburn: Discussed the new features in the State of React update, mentioning a plus button for adding to a reading list. Shared a link to the survey.

October 31, 2023

  • mawburn discusses the Remix 2.2.0 update, expresses a desire to use Remix more often instead of Next, and shares their experience using it for a small app at work.

October 30, 2023

  • corporat discusses Talespire's use of third-party mapmakers and mentions one getting hired by Dimension20 due to a sponsorship deal.
  • mawburn reveals that ChatGPT will soon support PDFs natively and talks about the potential for selling scripted items. They reminisce about their experience with Second Life, including creating a best-selling Cartman costume.
  • Synyster328 inquires about plugins for file uploads in ChatGPT, with mawburn confirming their existence but noting they require a pro account. Synyster328 also wonders how ChatGPT manages tokens and recalls its tendency to lose details over time.

October 29, 2023

  • corporat shares links about 3D Virtual Table Tops (VTTs) and a new Trading Card Game (TCG), expressing interest in their development.
  • mawburn reacts with a laughing emoji, mentions lack of interest in 3D VTTs due to over-preparation but expresses potential interest if there was a builder's economy. Shares past experience with Second Life, including building and selling a gambling machine.
Week of October 22, 2023

October 28, 2023

  • mawburn and Synyster328 discuss a game they have been playing, providing feedback and discussing its complexity.
  • They also talk about other games including Mage Knight, Azul, Here to Slay, Dice Throne and Sushi Go.
  • Synyster328 shares about the development of an app he's working on that aids in understanding complex games. He talks about improvements made and plans for future updates.
  • mawburn uses the app during a gaming session and provides feedback on it. Both discuss potential ways to reduce costs associated with running the app.
  • Conversation shifts towards programming languages like Java, Kotlin, Typescript and Rust.
  • They also discuss their professional backgrounds with mawburn currently working at Shopify while Synyster328 is based in Fargo, ND developing custom software for video games.
  • Both share experiences with past projects; notably issues around monetization strategies such as Patreon or Google Ads were discussed.

October 27, 2023

  • mawburn informed that the cron job worked for the first time and they are planning a game night to beta test Arkham Horror.
  • Synyster328 stated he might have the new engine deployed by then and confirmed that it can now combine or reference multiple PDFs, improving its accuracy significantly.
  • mawburn suggested having a library of free stuff to toggle on and off due to expansions changing or updating rules. He also shared a link to an Arkham Horror document they use.
  • Synyster328 revealed that expansion toggles are in progress and showed how one for Flamecraft turned out.

October 26, 2023

  • mawburn discusses working from a personal laptop and shares thoughts on intellectual property (IP) laws in relation to app development.
  • Synyster328 mentions getting legal advice for his project to avoid IP issues.
  • mawburn shares an idea about creating a platform similar to WorldAnvil, which allows people to extend and modify content. They also mention updates made to their website and discuss different hosting options.
  • Conversation shifts towards Foundry Gaming with naith, where corporat clarifies they are not affiliated with Foundry Gaming but have experience in Foundry's package ecosystem.
  • Discussion continues around hosting options, specifically Cloudflare Workers, Github SSG sites, and Digital Ocean's S3 compatible bucket.
  • The chat moves onto discussing the new versions of Next.js, specifically version 14. They share opinions on server-side rendering (SSR), server-side generation (SSG), client-side rendering (CSR) and API routes.
  • There is extensive discussion on using markdown for web content creation between mawburn and corporat, touching upon its benefits, limitations, potential extensions like MDX as well as alternatives like LaTeX or InDesign.

October 25, 2023

  • mawburn mentioned that the cron didn't run as expected but believes it should work fine after splitting it into two parts.
  • Synyster328 expressed excitement about an app they're developing, noting positive feedback from beta testers and interest from a local board game designer.
  • Both discussed the execution time limit of their project and how to improve performance.
  • They also discussed board games, with mawburn suggesting some solo games for Synyster328, who admitted to not being a domain expert in board games.
  • The conversation shifted to PHP development and job prospects, with both expressing skepticism about its value.
  • naith shared their recent experience applying for jobs requiring PHP knowledge.
  • They further discussed specific platforms like Salesforce and Sharepoint, viewing them as niche but sustainable career paths.
  • Synyster328 shared their experience playing various classic and modern board games including Catan, MTG, Elder Signs among others.
  • In response, mawburn gave advice on finding RPG groups and suggested beginner-friendly solo RPGs along with providing several links for reference.

October 24, 2023

  • mawburn offers to provide more beta testers for Synyster328's project and shares a plugin they like.
  • mawburn encourages Synyster328 to join a Kotlin group and inquires about their business model.
  • Synyster328 plans to keep costs low for users, possibly making it a two-way platform with game designers. They are also using GPT-3.5 for handling follow-up questions.
  • Conversation shifts to auto summary setup of the chat, where mawburn explains some fixes they've made and issues with deploying on Vercel.
  • Discussion about adding C# language to the list; both dustinhendrickson, and then later, floradical, mention this.
  • A link is shared by kristianserrano, but without context.

October 23, 2023

  • notaferret asks if anyone has used boardgame.io for a project.
  • naith mentions that perfect.6lue has.
  • perfect.6lue confirms and shares positive feedback about it, mentioning its use in Discord bot and web games.

October 22, 2023

  • floradical jokingly comments on a keylogger/data harvester feature in the bot.
  • mawburn explains that it's just a summary feature he created during a workshop, and he can turn it off if needed.
  • mawburn teases floradical about being neutral by sharing a Futurama gif link.
  • x4rising joins the chat and asks about everyone's game development progress.
  • mawburn clarifies that this group is more for software developers who create stuff for tabletop games. Invites them to stay even if it's not their primary interest.
  • Both users share tenor.com links with gifs from Futurama.
Week of October 15, 2023

October 21, 2023

  • corporat suggests asking for consent before summarizing conversations and points out a potential issue with AI reading instructions.
  • mawburn considers the suggestion and discusses the technical aspects of running the AI bot, including cron jobs, cache issues, and potential performance problems.
  • wyrmisis joins the chat after an invite from corporat.
  • mawburn updates their welcome message and shares a link to a summary on their website.
  • naith notices some messages have been scanned twice due to rerunning of cron job. They express mixed feelings about OpenAI seeing everything but acknowledge its benefits.
  • mawburn plans to fix bugs, improve service, and possibly launch it as a real bot on Patreon.

October 20, 2023

  • mawburn discussed an unnamed Firebase based app with AI search and avatar generation, but lacks video support. They suggest the app may need a name change due to potential hurdles with RPGs.
  • mawburn asked if the app can support multiple PDFs and suggested it could be used to summarize their daily conversations.
  • Synyster328 responded positively to testing suggestions and discussed possible names for his app. They also mentioned differences between versions 3.5 and 4 in terms of inferring/reasoning abilities.
  • mawburn reported issues with version 3.5 while using it for summarization during a meeting.
  • Both users briefly discuss funding amounts for "Role" versus another project, agreeing that AI products attract more funding.
  • mawburn shared two links related to a cron job they hope works, one showing history at dicengineers.com, the other showing the prompt they used on GitHub.

October 19, 2023

  • perfect.6lue is using boardgame.io for projects and finds it useful.
  • Synyster328 expresses interest in boardgame.io after hearing about it from perfect.6lue.
  • mawburn initially doesn't remember boardgame.io but upon revisiting, finds it interesting and potentially useful for card game development, especially because of its React support.
  • mawburn shares a link to Radix UI's "Primitives" and expresses frustration over the rebranding confusion.
  • corporat shares a link about Quest Portal raising funds and launching a subscription service for tabletop role-playing games.

October 18, 2023

  • floradical and mawburn discuss roles for their server, with the idea of color coding based on favorite programming language.
  • mawburn shares his experience as a community creator and how he started this server after seeing a post about Boardgame Buddy app on r/boardgames.
  • They discuss potential roles such as Backend/Frontend/Fullstack, but acknowledge the complexity due to many languages being used in both frontend and backend.
  • floradical is working on LoreWeaver, a self-hosted worldbuilding tool akin to Kanka or WorldAnvil. He discusses challenges with choosing a database solution.
  • They chat about Python's use cases and performance, as well as their experiences with different programming languages.
  • perfect.6lue shares a tip for getting emoji IDs in Discord by putting '' before an emoji.
  • Synyster328 briefly discusses his usage of Python for backend work in his app formerly known as Board Buddy which is now in beta testing phase. He invites others to try it out.
  • They also talk about contrast ratios for web design accessibility (a11y) using https://webaim.org/resources/contrastchecker/.

October 17, 2023

  • Synyster328 announces a beta for his rules chatbot
  • mawburn and snakeeyesnc discuss their locations, remote work, and personal backgrounds
  • The group discusses different board games, with mentions of D&D, Pathfinder, Starfinder, Traveller etc.
  • notaferret shares that he's been digitizing board games
  • mawburn talks about his experience upgrading to pro on Vercel for analytics across several domains
  • The conversation ends with discussions around backing X-Men Dice Throne.

October 16, 2023

  • code_monki and mawburn introduce themselves and share links to their hobby projects.
  • They discuss various RPG tools, including Obsidian note-taking app, Eleventy, and Dart/Flutter.
  • code_monki shares his work on plugins for different systems while learning Dart/Flutter.
  • They talk about the cost of flights to different locations.
  • Discussion shifts to TTRPG tools, with mention of Stars Without Number tool's UI being one of the best.
  • Conversation turns towards game design; both express they are not UI/UX designers but implementors who often have to do design work.
  • They discuss Traveller pre-dating GURPS and its gameplay mechanics.
  • Discussion about Angular vs React frameworks ensues between floradical and mawburn, with differing opinions shared.
  • The conversation continues onto Foundry VTT Developers, its modules, types support issues and community activity status.
  • More users join the chat like kristianserrano, sharing links to their online tools for showcase on dicengineers.com